"Build it and they will come"

City & County

1. Sunset Park Pickleball Complex:  Clark County is moving forward on the 24 court Pickleball facility in Sunset Park. The project is currently out for bids. Bid deadline is December 12th. Construction will commence in 2020 with completion estimated in late summer. Now is the time for us to begin strategizing on how to put these courts to the best use possible. See rendition photo in the Gallery section of this site. "Gorgeous design," says a top nationally ranked player who has seen the plans.   Currently awaiting approval on the bids. If all goes as planned, construction tentatively scheduled to start this spring.

Update: Bid has been awarded to Rafael Construction (https://rafaelconstruction.com/), and work commenced in May 2020 and is well underway.

Here are some details you should know: 
1) The facility will have a total of 24 courts, 20 of which we are “Open Play” Courts and will be accessible to the general public for every day play.  The remaining 4 courts will be “Tournament Courts” and only accessible by reservation.
2) The "Open Play" Courts will have overall dimensions of 34’ wide x 64’ long (fence to fence). This allows for 7’ on each side and 10’ behind each baseline.
3) The Tournament Courts will be 40’ x 70’ (fence to fence). This allow for 10’ on each side and 13’ behind the baseline.

2. Bob Price Recreation Center...4 new outdoor Pickleball courts are NOW OPEN for PLAY!  These courts were scheduled to be completed at the end of July/early August 2020. See photo of construction site in Gallery.